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Our story

We overheard a mother saying, "The worst time of my life", after losing her child in a Theme Park. Other mothers agreed and were very sympathetic towards this very recognizable dilemma. "Strange," we thought. Unbelievable that there isn’t a device that allows you to see where your children are at any given moment. We didn’t need an awful lot of encouragement for us to take action. Our goal? A handy wristband and keyring that lets you know exactly where your children are at all times. The result? Looqi!

  • Ruud Snelders

    Owner / CEO

    Ruud - 25 years old - as CEO is ultimately responsible for running the day to day business. Ruud gained his masters degree in Strategic Management in Tilburg and a masters degree in Entrepreneurial Management in London. After six years of commercial experience he decided to realise his entrepreneurial dream by launching Keep Track, the company behind the Looqi wristband and Looqi keyring, together with his study mate Koen de Lorijn.  

  • Koen de Lorijn

    Owner / CFO

    Koen - 25 years old - is acting CFO of the Looqi team. Koen acquired a master’s degree in Finance and a master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. So it´s probably not a surprise that Koen is responsible for all financial activities within Looqi. Together with Ruud Snelders he is the spiritual father of the Looqi wristband and Looqi keyring.

  • Marc van der Wielen

    Strategy & businessmanagement

    Marc - 49 years old - is responsible for marketing, strategy and business development. He is the most experienced entrepreneur in the Looqi team. Marc has started several companies and is still sparring partner and coach for many companies and entrepreneurs. Within the Looqi team, Marc is mainly concerned with marketing and communication. Moreover, he is the main point of contact for common entrepreneurial issues.

  • Koen van de Wetering


    Koen - 22 years old - is the ' technology' wizard within the Looqi team. Koen is ultimately responsible for the website and the app, which allows users to follow either the Looqi wristband or the Looqi keyring. He works closely with his own development team in India.

  • Henrik van Duijnhoven

    Interaction Design

    Henrik - 35 years old - the online designer within the team. Henrik is responsible for the attractive design of the website and the functionality of the Looqi user app. Henrik has extensive experience as a web designer and project manager for complex websites and online platforms.