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  • The whereabouts of your kids with a single glance at Looqi App

    The Looqi App shows the whereabouts of your kids in a single glance. The pin lights up on the exact location of your kid in Google®Maps®. The Looqi GPS Tracker has an accuracy of one square meter. Next to the pin, you will find your specific kid’s name and its Looqi battery status. Off course you can follow all your kids at the same time!.

  • Compatible with Apple and Android

    The Looqi App is designed for both Apple iOS and Google Play for Android. With that, the Looqi App works on almost all smartphones and tablets. Using you can also find the exact location of your kids from your desktop computer.

  • User friendly interface.

    Even when you are using the Looqi App for the first time, you will easily find your way throughout it. That is because the Looqi App has been designed for an optimal user friendly experience. So whether it is your smartphone, tablet, or desktop: with a single glance at the Looqi App you will always know the whereabouts of your kids.

  • Geo-fencing.

    Not in the mood to check on the whereabouts of your kids? Well, we understand that. That is why the Looqi App is equipped with a geo fencing option. Is your kid not in the predefined geographical area? The Looqi App will send you a message and let you know! Especially useful when you are visiting a theme park or playground with your kids, or when they are supposed to be at home, at school, or at their sports club.

  • Battery status.

    The Looqi wristband and Looqi key ring are equipped with a smart battery that guaranties an uninterrupted battery life of at least seven days. And when the battery level of your Looqi is low, the Looqi App will let you know. When you just want to know, you can check on the battery level anytime of the day. If that isn’t a comforting thought.

  • History

    The Looqi App gives you the ability to check on your kids’ whereabouts in the past four weeks. That comes in handy when something happened in the past and you don’t exactly remember when or where.

  • Account and Administration.

    Using MyLooqi you can activate your Looqi wristband or Looqi key ring. You can activate multiple Looqi’s to one account. This way you keep in touch with all your kids. You decide who has access to your kids’ location. This way both father and mother, or even the babysitter can use the Looqi App whenever necessary.

  • "That awful waiting is finally over"

    When my kid is being brought home by others, I keep checking the time. At least now, I know if she’s on her way.

    Mendy Donkers - Groningen