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  • Twitter account @ Kind_vermist successful with more than 120,000 followers.

    13 october 2013

    A missing child? It is the nightmare of every parent. It is therefore no wonder that the twitter account @ Kind_vermist has more than 120,000 followers. Is the initiative of the national police while also very successful. A random glance at the latest tweets indicates that the most publicized missing are resolved within a few days.

  • Tips to prevent your young child walks away.

    11 october 2013

    Once young children can walk, they begin to explore their surroundings. This requires additional monitoring as a parent. After all, in an instant, your child may have gone out of your field of vision. Not a disaster if that is in your own enclosed garden. But what if that happens in a busy shopping center. You can let your child learn early to stay with you. The weblog of are some useful tips. Do you still have doubts? Then purchase a wristband or Looqi Looqi key the best option. So you always know where your child is.

  • Child away! When you call 1-1-2?

    10 october 2013

    The fear of every parent. Your child is too late home from playing or from school. Whether you're in a crowded place and your child shows a trace. There comes a time when you want to call as a parent. 1-1-2 What is the balance? A child of 10 years, that's going to play and not home at the agreed time, is likely to forget the time. A child of 3 years, which suddenly turns away from your garden, is another case. As a rule, when someone goes missing for more than 24 hours without a trace. In children is different. You can always directly contact the police. They can send out an Amber Alert through social media and text messaging. In practice, this is very successful.

  • Great searches for happy children often false alarm

    09 october 2013

    Recently, it was hit again. A complete rescue operation was set up as a hiker saw lying along the waterfront of a wide ditch. A children's bicycle Two dive teams, a trauma helicopter and two ambulances were called. After searching for an hour, the conclusion was that there was no child in the water and the rescue operation could be discontinued. The bike was taken away by police. It is one of many examples showing that we quickly worried about missing children. Thanks to the efforts of Amber Alerts and social media, is less common and less relied on expensive searches. The rise of resources as the real Looqi GPS Tracker - and parents themselves at any time to know where their child is - is therefore a positive development.