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LooqiThere you are!

  • A smart bracelet with a cool design.

    The realtime GPS looqi bracelet is made of a beautifully designed casing that is not only strong, but also guarentees a pleasant wearing comfort. Next to two casing colours, there is also the choice between 9 trendy Nato-strap colours. A cool design with flashy colours will persuade every child. In addition to the outward design, special consideration was given to the strength of the 'casing'. Thus Looqi can take a beating and is waterproof.

  • The handy looqi app.

    Thanks to the handy Looqi app both for Apple and Android, you know where your loved ones are at any moment of the day. The app makes use of Google® Maps® this enables you to locate your child in the wink of an eye thanks to the flashing icon on the screen. If you do not want to look continuously, then the Looqi has a zone management function which warns you whenever your child ventures outside of the specified area or zone. In addition to all this, the ‘history’ will let you know where your child has been.

  • Unique battery and smart GPS.

    The "heart" of Looqi is a powerful next generation real-time GPS chip with G-sensor. An 'industry' mobile chip emits a signal every 20 seconds to an app for your smartphone, both Apple and Android, and is also receivable on your tablet and laptop. Thanks to the unique battery Looqi will have a battery life of at least 7 days.

  • Accuracy of 1 square meter

    Thanks to our state of the art GPS chip, Looqi is highly accurate. The GPS chip has an accuracy of 1 square meter. This guarantees you always know you the whereabouts of your kids. Real-time, all the time.

  • Worldwide coverage.

    The realtime Looqi GPS Tracker makes use of an industry GSM chip by Vodafone. This guarantees a worldwide coverage. So when you are holiday and in a foreign country, you can still count on looqi.

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  • Wireless Charging.

    The patented battery technology ensures that both Looqi wristband and the Looqi keyring have a continuous lifespan of 7 days. When the battery is low, you will receive an automatic notification on your smartphone. Charging takes place via a wireless induction charger. The only thing you will have to do is place the Looqi on the Looqi charger. So, no hassle with connectors.

  • A strong waterproof casing.

    The technical heart of Looqi (GPS and GSM chip, battery and antenna) is placed in a strong waterproof plastic housing, available in white and anthracite. Our designers have taken into account the exuberant playfulness of children. The housing can therefore take a beating.

  • "My worst nightmare."

    I was desperate when my 6 year old daughter was gone in a busy store. For half an hour I was out of my mind until I saw her outside. Never again I promised myself, and Looqi helps me with that.

    Petra van Gelderen - Hapert