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Where can I buy a Looqi GPS Tracker?

At first Looqi will be available in the Looqi online store. Within a few months from launch Looqi will also be available at different web stores and local retail stores in The Netherlands. We will update the retailer section regularly.

I have bought a Looqi GPS Tracker. What next?

After buying your LooqiGPS Tracker you go to the MyLooqi button on the Looqi website. You register your Looqi and fill in the required information. After paying for the subscription, your Looqi will be activated. You activate your Looqi by filling in the unique activation code provide in the Looqi package. After activation the Looqi will directly be operational.
To follow your Looqi on your smartphone you will have to download the Looqi App from the Appstore or Google Play.

Can I follow multipleLooqiGPS Trackers simutaniously?

Yes, you can follow unlimited number of trackers with one account. You can add new Looqi's inside the App and even give different names to the Looqi's.

Why do I have to pay for a subscription?

Looqi gets the coordinates using a state of the art GPS chip. To send the coordinates to the database a gsm connection is required. Therefore we have set up a partnership with Vodafone. The length of this contract is one year, which can be extended at the end of this period. The costs are 48 euro a year. This means Looqi is the cheapest realtime tracker on the market.

Can I use Looqi anywhere?

Thanks to the Vodafone data chip Looqi will work everywhere in Europe. Early 2014 this will be expanded to the rest of the world.

How accurate is my Looqi GPS Tracker?

Thanks to an advanced GPS chip Looqi has an accuracy of 1 meter.

Do I constantly have to look on the App to know where my child is?

When you would like to know where your child is you just have to open your app for only a second to see where he or she is. You can also choose to work with the geo-fencing option. Here you can set zones around e.g. the school, and receive an automated message when your Looqi leaves the set area in the set time.

Can someone break in to the Looqi App and see the location of my children?

The location data of your Looqi will be send through the secured Vodafone network to a secured environment at Terremark Verizon. Both partners have been selected to guarantee a high degree of safety.

Can wearing the Looqi bracelet be harmful to my children because of radiation?

There has been a lot of research done on the possible damage by radiation from mobile phones and it has not been established that this is harmful in any way. Also because Looqi has significantly less radiation compared a normal mobile phone, we are confident to state Looqi is not harmful in any way.

What do I do when my Looqi does not work properly?

Looqi has a service department who will happily assist you in any way possible. On the Looqi website you can ask your questions any time a day.

Can I order spare straps for my Looqi wristband?

When you have bought your Looqi you can always order new colours. There are 9 different colours available in the Looqi store at

How long does a Looqi GPS Tracker last?

Looqi lasts for at least 7 days.

How do I know if my Looqi GPS Tracker is fully charged?

The Looqi charger is equipped with a led light. This light will turn orange while charging, and when it is fully charged the Led light will turn green. You can also see the battery status on your Looqi App.

Will the battery life decrease after a while?

Like every other battery, Looqi will eventually have a slightly shorter battery life. However, this decay will be limited. After three years the Looqi GPS tracker will still have at least 80% of its original length left.

Can I order an extra Looqi charger?

Yes, you can order an extra charger from the Looqi Store for a price of 15 euro.

Where and how can I download the Looqi App?

You can download the Looqi App from the Apple Appstore, Google Play or find the App on the Looqi website on

Can I follow multipleLooqi GPS Trackers simutaniously?

Yes, you can follow unlimited number of trackers with one account. You can add new Looqi's inside the App and even give different names to the Looqi's.

Do I have to pay for the Looqi App?

No, you can download the Looqi App for free at the Appstore and at Google Play.

Can I set up a zone in which my child has to stay?

We cannot order your child to stay within an area. However, we have the option to set up a geo-fence. Geo fencing is a technique to set a zone with a specific time frame and when your child leaves this zone within this timeframe you will automatically receive a notification on your smartphone. This way you do not have to check the Looqi App all the time.

On which devices can i use the Looqi App?

The Looqi App works on every smartphone or tablet that operates on Apple iOS or Android operating system. On your desktop computer you can use all the Looqi App functions at

Can I give permission to let other people use the Looqi App?

Whenever you want others to be able to follow your Looqi GPS Tracker (e.g. your partner, parents, or babysitter), you just have to share your username and password. Using MyLooqi, they can log in and be allowed to use Looqi App. Every Looqi GPS Tracker has one unique activation code. This code is not to share.
Caution! Know who you are giving your login data to. Working with a Looqi GPS Tracker results in delicate privacy information that concerns the safety or your children.

Is Looqi exclusively sold in The Netherlands?

The Looqi GPS Tracker is available to anyone who orders on the online Looqi store. The Looqi GPS Tracker works all over Europe and is therefore the ideal GPS tracker for European citizens. -Because of close collaboration with both local- and online stores in The Netherlands, the Looqi GPS Tracker is sold in many other places. An up-to-date list of all Looqi resellers is found on

What company, or which people are behind Looqi?

The Looqi GPS Tracker is a product by KeepTrack B.V. KeepTrack B.V. is a Dutch company founded by Ruud Snelders and Koen de Lorijn. They are the inventors of the Looqi GPS Tracker. More information on the people behind the Looqi GPS Tracker is found on the "About Us" tab.

How do I contact Looqi?

Using the Looqi website you easily contact our service desk. Whatever your question is, they are here to help you. Of course you can also send an email to when you have a question, suggestions or a remark.