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For you

  • Where have you been?

    How often does it happen that you don’t know where your kids are? When they were home late from school, soccer practice, or when they were just playing at their friends’ place? The anxiety that often translates into anger when your kids finally return back home, is no longer a thing of the present. With a Looqi wristband or key ring, you will always know where your kids are, at any point/time off the day.

  • Never Again Lost

    It’s mostly those moments at the playgrounds, theme parks, shopping malls, the beach, or when you’re on holiday when you are really anxious of the whereabouts of your kids. Be ahead of the panicking and the worries with the Looqi wristband, or key ring, and never again lose sight of your kids, wherever you are.

  • An extra pair of eyes

    Are your kids going out with some friends? It is still pleasant to be able to keep an eye on them from a distance.

  • On an excursion?

    Even when they are in good hands. It is always nice to know where your kids are.

  • On his way

    Is your kid already on his way? You will know with a single look at the user-friendly app on your smartphone or tablet computer.